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Buying Outside the Box: What will SDN and NFV mainstreaming mean for Your Networking Career?

First off, it will take some time for it to happen. How do we know, is there a precedent? Yes, it took over a decade for server virtualization to go mainstream despite all the obvious benefits and TCO savings. You may still ask, but why? I mean SDN has obvious value propositions (reduced complexity etc.) and business benefits (faster TTM etc.) and OpenFlow has been around since 2006, that’s over a decade already (if you consider Ethane to be […]


Is OpenStack dead?

There is plenty of news around on OpenStack than about anything else put together in the world of IT over the last few months. Latest news was PLUMgrid, a local bay area startup, which went under resulting in IPR fire sale to VMware.
Let me summarize my understanding and what is happening as a whole here in a few threads:
1. Legacy ICT vendors and Public Cloud: AWS continues to claim victims, the most recent ones were VMware, HPE and Cisco […]


Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and CCIE Exams: Everything You Need to Know!

In late 2012 seven of the world’s leading telecoms network operators (including AT&T) selected ETSI (pronounced as “at-see”) to be the home of the Industry Specification Group for NFV. Now, nearly four years and 40 published documents later, we see a large community working intensely to continue developing the required standards for NFV as well as sharing their experiences of NFV implementation and testing. The membership of ISG NFV has grown to over 290 individual companies including 38 of the world’s major service […]


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