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Buying Outside the Box: What will SDN and NFV mainstreaming mean for Your Networking Career?

First off, it will take some time for it to happen. How do we know, is there a precedent? Yes, it took over a decade for server virtualization to go mainstream despite all the obvious benefits and TCO savings. You may still ask, but why? I mean SDN has obvious value propositions (reduced complexity etc.) and business benefits (faster TTM etc.) and OpenFlow has been around since 2006, that’s over a decade already (if you consider Ethane to be […]


Future of Telcos and Operators: Transform or Bust!

There are about a thousand (if you count by PMLN IDs than number could be much higher) telcos worldwide and they spend about $1.3T USD annually on infrastructure, software, spectrum etc. Mobile telcos (or carriers) account for about 63% of above spending whereas fixed-network providers spend about 36%. Worldwide telco spending is on the upswing and is forecast to reach about $1.6T USD by 2019. In terms of revenues, mobile operators generate about $1T USD. Top 50 telcos are […]


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